Yoga kids ready? Get involved families, it’s contagious!

Kids Are Yoga is a Staff Training Program providing a unique and proven way to weave yoga into the day-to-day. The 55hr course is run by Senior Teacher Training Provider Simone Moir and accredited by Yoga Alliance Professional UK. It has a powerful and positive effect in supporting staff and kids alike while promoting nurseries ahead of the competition.

What we deliver!

  • We introduce a base of mindfulness to the Nursery
  • We look after the wellbeing of the Team
  • We qualify you to share yoga with children in the most effective way

Meet Simone Moir

A senior Teacher Training Provider, registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, Simone began researching inner-child therapy as part of her work with adults and was more and more drawn to looking at the root. It is her aspiration to pass forward this valuable and extensive knowledge and enthuse others with her own passion for Kids Are Yoga as a rewarding and life-altering experience from the first steps onwards.

Simone's Journey


Take a look at some of these photos from of these nurseries around the UK that have enjoyed Kids Are Yoga Training from Simone.



“The kids have a great time and get very excited when it’s Yoga day. Every kid knows when is Thursday. They are always calm and a bit tired after. they love the Yoga songs and are often caught singing them. What a journey it has been over the last 6 month. The kids have learned respect for one another and work in little teams so much better, even outside of yoga. We as a team have benefitted from the strengthening of our relationships with the kids. These kids are 2 years old and they really have taken to this so well. Now that they know they can trust the process they would go anywhere with you, even Hawai.”

Maria Innes

“I need to admit I’m a bit jealous, I would have loved to do yoga as a kid and imagine what it would do to my choices when I started before I had any bad habits - wow this is certainly progress in the right direction and I am not a devote. Yet…"


Parkgrove Somerset Nursery

"After 4 months of yoga, my 2-year-old asks : when is yoga? Every day I bring him to nursery. His speech has come on so much and on a yoga day it is never hard to get a full report about his whereabouts from him. He is always eager to teach us some poses and can’t understand that there are some we cannot do.”

Parkgrowve Somerset Nursery


Let’s make a difference to our kid’s days together

I provide teacher training in Glasgow, and people are invited from all over the UK, Europe and wordwide to get a fully qualified, international, and insured education. If you'd like to know more fill in the below.